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Draak Orbit

8 July 2019
Hi, Dragons are fascinating to look at and are one ot the creatures that I love a lot. Sometimes they are malicious and ugly, sometimes they are cuddly and sweet or even with a impressive beauty. Throughout the history, you can find all kind of stories about dragons: about heroes who defeat dragons and stories about dragons who protect. I recently came across this beautifull artikle, thought:

Ladybug for Welness Coach Herbalife

2 June 2019
Yesterday, together with the relatives and friends of my sister-in-law Karolien, I was allowed to toast on her new challenge as Wellness Coach at Herbalife. We were welcomed by a radiant Karolien who has started full of enthousiasm. She has never thought this adventure would happen to her. Tasty snacks, 15-day challenge, facial treatments, healthy breakfast.. all keywords where you can recognize Herbalife.

Martha Kloek

19 May 2019
I made Martha Kloek especially for the EasterCAL in our Vive Handwerkclub (Facebookgroup). The EasterAL is a crochet-a-long. This means that everybody of the group gets on a regular time a part of the pattern to crochet and makes it together in a certain time.

Love and marriage

14 May 2019
For the wedding of one of my collegue, I wanted to sponsor them with a little bit of money. But how would I have to give the couple the money ?IJust in a ordinary envelope would be boring. But how could I make it a nice present ? Luckely, one week earlier I saw the book 'Geefbeestjes' By Joke Postma in the bookshop. In this book you can find two beautiful sweat badgers. A ideal wedding gift.

Harry Potter: house of Slyterin

25 December 2018
A while ago, a colleague, who's a big fan of Harry Potter, asked if i could make a hat for him. Which sort of hat he wanted i could choose myself. What a challenge ! Would I go for a patronus, a house... After a lot of thinking, i chose to make a hat about one of the houses. The schoolchildren in Hogwarts are divided in four sections each with their own sleeping and living quarters in the castle. The departements are Gryffindor, Huffelpuff, Ravenclaw en Slyterin. Each departement has his own character.

Lady Clementine

22 December 2018
Cats, all about cats, in all kinds of colors and sizes... crazy about cats... just Brietna, a cat madam. One of the themes that you will regularly see in my blog will be cats. Miowww...

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