Dragons are fascinating to look at and are one ot the creatures that I love a lot. Sometimes they are malicious and ugly, sometimes they are cuddly and sweet or even with a impressive beauty.

Throughout the history, you can find all kind of stories about dragons: about heroes who defeat dragons and stories about dragons who protect. 

I recently came across this beautifull artikle, thought:

For Father's Day we wanted to launch a knitting project in our craft club Vive. We chose to knit Happy Socks. Just like the real Happy Socks that bring out stockings with cheerful prints and in countless colors for men and women, we also wanted to make cheerfull socks.

Marc Markant made a simple pattern with nice stripes. Together with him we worked out this project with a lot of information and instructions so everybody who had never knitted also could participate. Many people started knitting between 24/05 to 09/06/2019. Many beautiful colorful socks appeared.


Yesterday, together with the relatives and friends of my sister-in-law Karolien, I was allowed to toast on her new challenge as Wellness Coach at Herbalife. We were welcomed by a radiant Karolien who has started full of enthousiasm. She has never thought this adventure would happen to her. 

Tasty snacks, 15-day challenge, facial treatments, healthy breakfast.. all keywords where you can recognize Herbalife.

Judi Dench - as Queen Elizabeth I - wore this gown in 1998's 'Shakespeare in Love'.

A year ago, the responsibles of the Group CAL-Crochetalong asked me if I wanted to participate in the Friends around the World CAL and make a square for the blanket they were intended to release.

Brave as I was, I immediately said I would do this. Then, I had no idea which adventure i started. Designing a square is not that easy at all. It give you a lot of preparation work before you can finally show the square to the whole world. You have to find a subject, find the most beautifull stitches for your square and combine them, crochet the pattern, write the pattern down in a comprehensive language with the correct terms, pictures and instructies, test your pattern, retest your pattern, answer questions of testers, translators,....

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