Hello everybody,

My name is Wouter Gnome. Do you know me already ? I'm a bit pale but that's because i'm living indoors. I adore sleeping till noon together with my sleepingbuddies. If my boss is gone to school or working out, i'm playing with my other friends,the mouses. Every evening, I'm here to tell you a nice story about our Gnomeworld. One story ? One poem ? Oh no, more then one, i'm really a chatter.


In the summer of 2018 we went to Manchester, the city of bees. 

As i really love the city of Manchester i made a bee called Livy as reminder of the nice citytrip. We will definitely be back soon ! Livy is a free pattern made by Daniscreaties. It is a lot of work, but i'm really loving the result.  



Dragons are fascinating to look at and are one ot the creatures that I love a lot. Sometimes they are malicious and ugly, sometimes they are cuddly and sweet or even with a impressive beauty.

Throughout the history, you can find all kind of stories about dragons: about heroes who defeat dragons and stories about dragons who protect. 

I recently came across this beautifull artikle, thought:

For Father's Day we wanted to launch a knitting project in our craft club Vive. We chose to knit Happy Socks. Just like the real Happy Socks that bring out stockings with cheerful prints and in countless colors for men and women, we also wanted to make cheerfull socks.

Marc Markant made a simple pattern with nice stripes. Together with him we worked out this project with a lot of information and instructions so everybody who had never knitted also could participate. Many people started knitting between 24/05 to 09/06/2019. Many beautiful colorful socks appeared.


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