A while ago, a colleague, who's a big fan of Harry Potter, asked if i could make a hat for him. Which sort of hat he wanted i could choose myself. What a challenge ! Would I go for a patronus, a house...

After a lot of thinking, i chose to make a hat about one of the houses. The schoolchildren in Hogwarts are divided in four sections each with their own sleeping and living quarters in the castle. The departements are Gryffindor, Huffelpuff, Ravenclaw en Slyterin. Each departement has his own character. 


Gryffindor: The department is known for its bravery, chivalry, courage.

Huffelpuff: The department is known for its hard workers, patience and loyalty.

Ravenclaw: The department is known for its wisdow, creativity, wit and inquistiveness

Slyterin: The department is known for its cunning, recourcefullness, ambition, leadership and pride. 

After a long deliberation, the sorting hat had classified my colleague under Slyterin. So i made the hat in the colors of Slyterin (green-grey) and with the pattern of a snake. 

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