Hello everybody,

My name is Wouter Gnome. Do you know me already ? I'm a bit pale but that's because i'm living indoors. I adore sleeping till noon together with my sleepingbuddies. If my boss is gone to school or working out, i'm playing with my other friends,the mouses. Every evening, I'm here to tell you a nice story about our Gnomeworld. One story ? One poem ? Oh no, more then one, i'm really a chatter.



Gnome Poem

Deep in the mountains are little homes,

Deep in the mountains live little gnomes,

Softly they sweep with a silver broom,

Stable and kitchen and barn and room.

When in the night a babe doth weep, 

Gentle they cradle him to sleep,

Hark in the stable moos a cow,

Little gnomes come to milk her now.




Together with a lot of other gnomes (Wouters) i will come to life in the Vive Handwerkclub. Tomorrow, they start their Autumn-CAL. This will take place from the 02nd September till 13th October. Wouter is a design by Virginie De Laere. After the CAL, it will be come a pattern you can buy for in favor ofTysea, an orphanage in Haiti.  Virginie De Laere-Tysea



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