eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one queen, and one king.

War, strategy, technique, insight, experience and courage ...

Intellectually or by brute force, two sides against each other... a big game.


While traveling through Scotland, I made this chess set (pattern by Yvonne Blanker) and suddenly found myself on the battlefield of Culloden and the War of the Roses. 




War of the Roses: 

Sweet merciful heavens
This is the sad song of the war of roses
You see all the killings on tv.
The wars overseas
But sometimes it feels like it is right here.
As each hour passes, you hear sweet cries
Its like a rose blooms with each hour that passes
As each person lives or dies a roses blooms. Thoses always blooms
Those roses you always end up giving them away.
You end up praying that he lives another day.
Each passing day you shout in rejoice.
You shout for joy when you hear his voice.
Sometimes but rotten at the same time.




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