Crocheted some monkeys as birthgift for family of my collegue.

The pattern you can find in the book of 'babysets haken' by Cutedutch. 



Monkey say, monkey do
Monkey have some fun with you
Whatever monkey say or do
You do the same as the monkey do Monkey swing, monkey swing
Monkey jump, monkey jump
Monkey clap, monkey clap
Monkey sway, monkey sway
Monkey bop, monkey bop
Monkey say o,o,o, -e,e-a, a
Monkey say o,o,o, -e,e-aa (Chorus) Monkey run, monkey run
Monkey twist, monkey twist
Monkey hug, monkey hug
Blow a kiss, blow a kiss
Monkey hop, monkey hop
Monkey wave, monkey wave
Monkey sleep, monkey sleep
Monkey say do wa wa diddy do
Monkey say do wa wa diddy do (Chorus)

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