In 2020 we all had to cope with the COVID-19 virus. A nasty 'animal' who changed the life of a lot of people drastically. All of a sudden, we had to stay in lockdown working from home, not meeting our family and friends. I had to learn everything about virtual meetings, online shops, watching too many movies, taking more time for my crochetwork.

This special year, people got the time to stop rushing and to contemplate. The element Fire was everywhere. A lot of people were thinking about the life they were living and life in general. I  saw a lot of people discovering new hobbies, new jobs, .. not everything was bad in 2020.

We all really got in contact with the Fire Dragon.

The Fire Dragon can be very destructive, burning old manners, old systems, old ways of life. In 2020, this Dragon was beating everybody and spiting fire all around the world. 

But don't forget the Fire Dragon can also bring you new passions, new ambitions. 

In this square you can see his eggs. In this eggs you can find new perspectives, new goals, new power, new passion for 2021.

I wish you all the best. 



The Fire Dragon Eggs square is one of the square participating in the Friends Around The World hosted by the group  CAL - Crochet A Long

It is week 35.

We even have a video made by our lovely Tania Leis. I really thank all the testers who made this square possible. 

Fire Dragons Eggs video right hand 

Fire Dragons Eggs video left hand


The UK version


The US version


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